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By now you have likely met your fair share of  SEO Rockstars & Twitter Ninjas, however the way the industry has been changing, it looks gloomy for people depending on scraping Google for information about things like rankings and understanding Google’s signals about Keywords.

It’s my job, as an SEO consultant, to stay on top of things, and when I speak at conferences, (See upcoming speaking gigs listed on the speaking gigs page) I like to tell people things that they need to know, that others may not. I tell it like it is.

For example. Hummingbird scare you? -> you think it should right? Well STOP CHASING THE GOOGLE DRAGON! ->

Essentially, people have been chasing the Google algorithm updates and scraping data from the personalization layer for several years now, and the data is noisy, unreliable and down right garbage at times.

Lately google has taken away most of the organic keywords, behind their ‘ITS FOR PRIVACY’ veil when it obviously is being done to thwart organic efforts and default CMOs into spending more on PPC (just throw more money at the PPC, to fix it!) which is sad and is making google even more rich.

So as a marketing professional, how do you take the power back?

THE ANSWER: Build your own search engine. Which is just what some brilliant folks did. From the ground up. No personalization to mess with our scrutinizing of the scoring layer. Finally. Real data to work with that doesn’t lie. Math to tell you what each link on a website is ACTUALLY WORTH to your company based on current revenue numbers.

SO I recently partnered up with SEO Engine – Check it out.

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