VIEW from SPACE STATION in HD – YES peeps it’s setup now. Live. No need to fly.

AMAZING Live Stream FROM SPACE in HD -> The ISS new project to stream HD .. now we can watch from down here and not have to test fate trying to get this view…for now. Live streaming video by Ustream Awesome.

Some randomly 3d pictures posted while chilling at a hacker hostel

This is from BlogWorld – > that’s Alicia Marie Here is ANCA from BRUSH CASES -> buy yourself a iPhone case that is painted by this amazing artist.   Here’s Cap’n Crunch, check out his new ‘Hacker’s Monthly’ email list we are starting… visit for now.

Interesting article about Twitter’s performance today in IPO being bad for start ups.

Today was twitter’s IPO and what happened today with twitter’s surge going up 75% meant that they possibly left a lot of ‘money on the table’. So that’s what’s up there. Why not read the take from these folks: Click here to read the rest of the article on

Mom – the best lines to use against pesky salesman

How To Get Rid Of Salesman (Originally posted on Sep 3, 2010 @ 7:55am) My mom is amazing and I decided to repost this because, well, I like this post and felt like sharing it. I’m also planning to post a lot more blogs and make this a much more useful site. – @KRONiS – With […]